Thank you very much for this opportunity you have given my wife.  She now has more understanding about PTSD symptoms. The couples counseling and the new tools we learned have already started to help us out a lot. In whole, the Retreat was awesome and very helpful.  Thanks very, very much.


I attended this Retreat with a lot of anticipation and skepticism.  I was very much thinking this would be smoke and mirrors.
First of all, we'd like to thank everyone for all the time and all the information that was shared for this retreat. It was such an intense time, sharing things that we have never been able to even talk about. 
As a couple, we now know that there are tools that we are taking home to work on as a couple and as a family. Just admitting that there is a problem is the first step and now we need to go on with life using these precious tools.
What an awakening I was in for.   The symbolism that was presented was easy to understand.  They used words that were understandable. I was very thankful for the fact that when I had my flashback I was in the company of people that kept me safe.  I have no idea how bad this could have been had it not been for the people here.
Ernie D

Finally!!!  There was an answer to my many years of questioning ~ what and why he changed.  He was no longer the person I knew.
1.  I/We now have tools and an understanding of what is going on.
2. The door has been opened and we are now receptive to each other.
3. Everything I believe in and is a part of me was part of the retreat and for such a long time I stood alone, and now my partner is standing by me and with me.  We are now "one".
Things that were beneficial to me were T.A.T, E.F.T., and the Guided Imagery.  The major thing was realizing things from my past childhood affected my present, but with the few techniques I've learned in just a week, these things WILL NOT affect my future.
Thank you very much for this opportunity to heal our marriage from the after effects of PTSD.  I know using these skills we have learned will have an even bigger effect if we continue to use them.  The staff and volunteers were excellent.  Thank you for all that you all have done to make this wellness retreat happen.  It is greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks so much,
Benefits of Program
The feelings and thoughts of the other couples are at the top of my list.
All of the staff and volunteers were great.  Rating: excellent.
All of the group sessions and Ed. Programs were excellent.
The concept of an alternative form of therapy is important ~ one that should be explored further.
The program should be used as a model across the country.
Mike M.
This has been a terrific eye-opening week.  I've made breakthroughs in ~ thinking, learned new techniques for handling my PTSD, and learned new skills for relating as a couple. I highly recommend these retreats for any veterans affected by PTSD
 I have never been to a retreat that was so beneficial.  I had heard of tapping, but dismissed it as "weird" stuff..  IT WORKS!!!  WOW!!
Morning yoga has grounded me for the day, and breathing in times of stress has kept me grounded, focused, and in the moment.
There are not words enough to convey my gratitude for the work you are doing and for the tools and benefits we are taking on.
Tish M
Group meetings were good.  They got me to open up.
The people and the counselors were all great people.
We learned a lot of tools and we plan on using them to the fullest.
Couples counseling was great.
The counselors helped us to deal with our inner problems and showed us that we can face these demons and be ok.
The horseback riding on the first day was scary for me.  I didn't do it because I got scared. Coming back to the retreat, I opened up to the counselors and faced my fears.  Two days later I was riding "buffalo" the horse.
Fred  E
Debbie G


Joe:  Best night's sleep in months.  No burning in body.  Read a little, fell asleep, sometimes I vibrate inside. Not last night. Usually need 'medicine' to sleep, not last night. No first night nervousness in a different place.

Berta:  Normal 3 to 4 hours’ sleep:  last night 7 hours of sleep.  I feel more rested than normal.  I woke 2 times in the night, then back to sleep.  No dreams, but finally remember the sequence of tapping.

Dodie:  My mind was turning all night, but peaceful.  I dreamed that Candace was in church, giving lectures.  Another dream was that I was frantic to find a car to go to the meeting. Memories of rape came up.  My Father telling me to shut my mouth after raping my sister and her friend, then trying to rape me.  I realized why I have had fear of all men.  My father had told me to be available to all men.  As I tapped, I saw this again, now it is all gone.

Hank: I went to bed agitated because I had cried in front of everyone.  Old theme again.  Reprimanding someone in my dream who filed out a report with their opinions not the facts.  Yesterday, when the rage happened at the workshop, it was what I brought with me from an incident when I wanted to get physical with people but did not.  It was an "8" at least... when I started tapping, something came over me and brought it down to a "2".  I now only want to apologize to the people who were raising hell with me.  I am ashamed of my behavior with them and about crying here.

Nancy:  No difference in sleep, but I do feel my chest is lighter because of the intense work with EFT last night. I feel this break-through was huge. This hole chiseled in my heart that I have been working on for years, feels so different now.

Rusty:  Yesterday brought up memories of childhood.  Sleep was deep and feels more rooted than it has in ages. My emotions were about blaming myself for the loss of a friend in Vietnam.  Finally, I have released the monkey on my back. I even met my Guide for the first time during one of the Imageries.... He said: "I've always been here"

Joe:  I was a baby in a crib: screaming.  Started at a "6" on SUDS, then went up.  I tapped it down to a "2".  This morning I thought about it and simply went back to my reading and dismissed the thought.  After more tapping, I wonder what made me feel that 'their' trauma isn't as bad as mine, even though mine is PTSD from war memories.  Childhood memories came back.  Before, everything was a black wall except crying in the crib and a fence and some loud noises. After this weekend, I had HOPE; HOPE that I will get back to hiking, camping and canoeing.

Joe:  "Doctors don't know what is inside me: I DO!  I know I'll hike again. I will do it! Everything looks so different now.  The trees, the lake, Everything!"

Rusty:  "I just got rid of the big monkey on my back"

Dodie: "I released the guilt of Nancy, the little girl my dad got while I got away. I try to get the scene back and it's GONE! I feel so glad you came into my life."
Nancy:  "From what came up yesterday.... what took place here was HUGE!"
Roberta: "I feel very rested and hopeful.  Thank you!"

Hank: "All that rage I brought with me is gone."

“Hi Candace...first... 3 Cheers to you!  You are amazing and did such a great job with the workshop and the group meetings.  As for my words, looks good.  I felt like an intruder coming into the group but I stayed for selfish reasons.  I've taken a lot of "borrowed benefits" and worked through some of my own "stuff".  I want to thank all in the group for letting me be a part of it.  As I shared last week, I don't use EFT as much as I should or could but I do remind myself almost daily to use it somewhere during each day. I've seen the results of using it and know the benefits.  It's just a matter of learning a new way.

Again, thank you for the time you've put into this.  I do know it's your passion, so won't add the effort it took.

Love to all,


“I have been filling out my sleep/dream sheet and will send it early next week. I am really looking forward to our next meeting. I have been tapping ever since and have released some more VNam and childhood stuff and haven't felt this much peace in a very long time. Seems like an eternity. I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this. I am truly GRATEFUL. As for our next meeting, it doesn't really matter to me which date. Either will work well for me. As for time, 09:00 a.m. or later is also fine. Just let me know when you all decide. 30 days seems like such a long time away. Again, I thank you all for coming into my life. I feel so enriched and blessed for having met you all. Isn't life great...”

“I am so glad you came into my life.”

“I just got rid of the big monkey on my back.”

“I just released the guilt for Nancy... the little girl my dad got while I got away.”
“I know this works now (EFT); I am really committed to this.  Where I thought there was I know there is hope.”

“I was frozen!  Then I tapped... now, when I try to get the scene back... IT'S GONE!!!  I had a dream that I killed my Father.  (He's already gone)”


Note:  These comments reflect the participants who attended all parts of the program.  

"This program is wonderful.  I am looking forward to more of it.  I want to learn as much as I can to benefit me and my family and friends.”   Dodie

“This group (class) was an eye opener for me. I did not realize I had so many personal problems that I was holding on to.  This class has helped me to change my ways of thinking and I'm trying to work on a better me.”  Henry Moody

“Since we started this program, I have found myself much less agitated most days.  I have more energy and feel like doing more activities for enjoyment.  Less pain most days. Candace is a wonderful teacher!”  Roberta

“Seems like you have to tap all the time to make any difference.” Rusty

“The changes I've experienced after attending these PTSD support groups have been many.  I NO longer hold negative feelings toward my parents for traumas during my childhood.  I feel much more "worthy" and now feel I can make a useful contribution to society.  The constant feeling of "anxiety" is gone and replaced with a feeling of Peace.”  Nancy