Cardinal Retreats helps veterans release their negative experiences of war, re-establish healthy relationships with loved ones and reintegrate fully into family and community living through 7-day therapeutic residential retreats and ongoing online support.

Using both traditional and alternative therapies, our 7-day residential retreats are specially designed to help veterans re-adjust to family life and re-establish healthy relationships after war.

Guided by expert counselors and therapists who are aware and sensitive to PTSD issues, veterans and their spouses/partners receive education, stress management tools and relationship counseling  to help them address and overcome PTSD-related relationship challenges in a safe and relaxed environment.

Based on our successful track record, participants can expect to leave with a fresh perspective, a strengthened connection and the tools to support their renewed relationship post-retreat.

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  • Information and education on the symptoms, normalcy and degrees of PTSD
  • Relief of PTSD symptoms, including flashbacks, nightmares, depression, phobias, addictions and TMI
  • PTSD-related relationship dysfunction, communication, intimacy and trust issues
  • An understanding of the impact of war on those left behind, beginning with the veteran’s spouse or partner
  • A working knowledge of PTSD triggers for spouses/partners in order to reduce ongoing PTSD outbreaks and support active service members in future deployments
  • Tools and resources to help maintain and build on results gained during the retreat
  • And much more…

For additional information, please contact Candace Green at tel: (207) 236-0228 or via email at candace@cardinalretreats.org