Candace Green is the Executive Director & Founder of Cardinal Retreats.

With over 25 years of experience and proven results, Candace is widely regarded as an expert in the field of personal and group transformation.
Her unique approach combines cutting-edge energy psychology techniques, innovative teambuilding and communication processes, traditional teaching methods, as well as private counseling, to help individuals and groups release trauma and achieve their full potential.


For the past 10 years, Candace has dedicated an increasing amount of her work (and life) to helping veterans overcome PTSD and its many effects. 
Beginning in 2000, she worked for 3 years at Central Maine Pre Release, helping inmates (50% of whom were Veterans) to release trauma from their past experiences and from their time of incarceration.  Amazed at the efficacy of using Alternative Therapies with the Veteran population, she continued the work in her private practice with equally positive results.

In 2006, Candace created and led an 8-month group counseling program for Veterans and Spouses in Northern Maine which not only directly benefited participants but also served as a research project within a larger PTSD/Energy Psychology Research Study. (The study was conducted by respected colleague and fellow ACEP research committee member, Dawson Church, PhD.)  Encouraged by the positive results, which were consistent with larger studies, the group went on to participate in a 2-day Intensive Retreat to work on releasing PTSD issues and improving their marriages.  This time, the results were even more outstanding and became a turning point in Candace’s career: she would now dedicate the majority of her practice to veterans and their families.

In 2009, Candace was invited by Dr. Michael Wagner to work as Therapist at the Angel Fire Wellness Retreat in New Mexico.  Based on the positive results and feedback from participants, she has been invited back in 2010 to serve as Lead Therapist.

In 2010, Candace also founded Cardinal Retreats, a Maine-based service organization whose mission is to help veterans release their negative experiences of war, re-establish healthy relationships with loved ones and reintegrate fully into family and community living. The first 7-day Therapeutic Residential Retreat for Veteran Couples will take place in Mid-coast Maine in November 2010.

Candace continues to work with individuals and couples around PTSD issues, maintains a private practice in Camden, Maine and serves as a PTSD consultant / lead therapist for other organizations. She has also released a Guided Imagery CD that is used with great success during and post-retreat to aid with PTSD and trauma relief.

An acclaimed speaker and facilitator, Candace has been a guest at many conferences, including the Association of Women's Business Centers, in Kansas City and in Washington D.C., the University of Maine’s “Inner Peace, Outer Action International Peace Conference” in Orono, Maine, and the Maine-Dartmouth Family Practice Residency’s Nevola Symposium at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.


PTSD Relief Expert & Consultant: With over 10 years of experience and documented success working with veterans and their families, Candace uses both traditional and alternative therapies to achieve her outstanding results. She is also the Executive Director & Founder of Cardinal Retreats, a service organization dedicated to providing education, stress management tools and relationship counseling for veterans and their families through therapeutic, residential retreats and online support.

Teaching background: Following her education from the University of Maine, Candace spent 20 years as a teacher in various institutions (10 years in Public High School, 4 years at a Job Corps Center, and 6 years in Adult Education). During her tenure at Brewer High School, Maine, Candace won the “Distinguished Teacher of the Year” Award, as voted by her peers. She was also involved in developing and implementing a program for challenged youth that won the Maine Aspirations Foundation Award.

Teambuilding Specialist: Candace helps individuals, families, organizations and communities improve communication, enhance performance and achieve their goals through her extensive training in teambuilding. Candace began her training with Outward Bound (www.outwardbound.org), completing both the Backpacking and High Ropes courses, as well as a 14-day Kayaking challenge.  In addition, Candace gained extensive training with Project Adventure (www.pa.org) and it is this integration coupled with energy psychology techniques that makes her workshops and retreats unique.

Energy Psychology: Following extensive training in this cutting-edge field of psychology, Candace uses Energy Psychology techniques to remove the layers of beliefs, trauma, and behaviors that keep individuals, couples, families and organizations ‘stuck’. She also offers classes toward Certification in Energy Coaching and EFT for PTSD

Trauma Release: For 3 years, Candace offered trauma release for inmates at Central Maine Prison Pre Release with profound results. Using energy psychology techniques, Candace helps clients take the negative charge off the memory of the trauma, thereby reducing stress and creating a more positive outlook on life.

Enneagram: Candace also assists with people's self discovery by working with the Enneagram, which is a personality profile that describes 9 distinct lenses through which each of us views the world. She also offers classes to provide greater understanding of Enneagram.

Guided Imagery: Candace leads individuals, couples and groups through Guided Imagery designed to elicit the positive changes they wish to achieve in their personal or professional lives. She has one CD, with several others in development, to further support her clients through an at-home program (please click here to read more or to purchase her CD or MP3 instant download).

Adventure-Based Learning (ABLE): Candace implemented ABLE in the classroom at Brewer High School, ME where she taught from 1985-1995.  This program won the Maine Aspirations Award in 1994 for best program in raising aspirations for Youth. 

Native American Traditions: Candace’s education took a turn when she moved from Maine to New Mexico and met her Teacher, an Apache Holy Woman.  She has followed the path toward healing since her time in New Mexico and has made the boundless shifts necessary to gain the knowledge needed to do her Healing work. She also conducts Ceremony and offers house/business clearings and blessings in the Native tradition.

Reiki: Candace is a Reiki Master. She offers individual sessions, and teaches Reiki, offering attunements in Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher levels.

Private Practice: Candace helps clients in her Private Practice to map out and release blocks that keep them from thriving. Candace uses her combined experience and education to create and lead informative, powerful, life-changing, experiential workshops, programs and retreats. Her experience with a wide range of individual and groups, coupled with a passion for this work, brings about positive change and lasting results for all.