Cardinal Retreats is a service organization dedicated to providing education, stress management tools and relationship counseling for veterans, veteran couples and military families


Cardinal Retreats helps veterans release their negative experiences of war, re-establish healthy relationships with loved ones and reintegrate fully into family and community living, through 7-day therapeutic residential retreats and online support.


  • To serve as a viable therapeutic resource to veterans, veteran couples and military families affected by PTSD as a result of their negative experiences of war.
  • To improve reported relationship dysfunction, communication and trust issues by a minimum of 80% immediately following retreat attendance.
  • To reduce the impact of PTSD symptoms in veterans by a minimum of 50% immediately following retreat attendance.
  • To provide veterans with a variety of traditional and non-traditional coping tools for self-care post-retreat.
  • To provide a private online forum and community for ongoing support, education, resources and connection to help maintain and build on results achieved during the retreat.
  • To provide spouses, partners and caregivers of veterans with a working knowledge of PTSD and its triggers in order to reduce ongoing PTSD outbreaks and support active service members in future deployments.
  • To improve the overall quality of life of the veteran couple and family.
  • To re-establish the veteran and couple as a unit in the community.
  • To support the local economy by employing full-time and contract counselors, practitioners and local hospitality services.